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07 Feb, 2009

The Flywheel series in Calgary

I read from Fear Not in Calgary on Thursday Feb. 5 at Pages on Kensington.  Reading with me were Mike Roberson, Paul William Zits and David Martin. Mike is editor at Dandelion currently. ryan fitzpatrick curates and hosts the reading series.

Flywheel reading

Photo by Sarah Kitteringham

There were about 30 people there in a cozy space on the second floor. They were into the reading and bought some books. It was fun to see Jonathan Ball, who’s from Winnipeg. I got a chance to meet Weyman Chan and Tom Wayman (oddly rhyming). Weyman said some interesting things about American poets, and convinced me to start reading Franz Wright among others. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay and go to the pub with the group afterwards, because I was driving back to Edmonton the same night with my dad.

Here’s a link to a podcast of the reading.