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18 Oct, 2013

Six to appear with Palimpsest in fall 2015

I’m proud to announce that my new book of poems, Six, will appear with Palimpsest Press in fall 2015, to be edited by an outstanding Toronto poet, Jim Johnstone.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim at the Atlantic Poetry Festival in Fredericton, NB, earlier this month. What makes placing Six with Palimpsest especially thrilling is that they have just published a brilliant debut book of poems by Marc di Saverio, a Hamilton writer I also met in Fredericton. His book is titled Sanatorium Songs, and it features some mind-blowing Rimbaud translations and really powerful new takes on old forms.

Six-signing-pic.jpgHere I am signing the contract for Six in our dining room and grinning like a fool. Thanks to my wife Betsy for having the patience to take numerous photos of me with my eyes closed before getting this one.

Six is a book of failed sestinas that still moves numerically, through six cures, sex cures, and poems about pro wrestling, Bill Evans, Emily Dickinson, Britney Spears, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and John Berryman among others. Readers of Fear Not will recognize some of my obsessions, and also a further exploration of somewhat un-free verse. All in the name of freedom and song, of course.