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29 Jan, 2009

Reviews of Fear Not

Jennifer Still in the Winnipeg Free Press, May 24, 2009:
“Striking a fine balance of irony and heart, Fear Not is a whimsical and contemplative refrain for the excesses of an ‘enough is never enough’ culture.

“Giving voice to a lineage of fathers — from Wittgenstein and a German grandfather to Jesus and the poet himself — Mierau weaves fragments of lyric, narrative and Bible passages into an existential ‘Selah,’ a hymnal shout-out to the muffle of earbudded, iPodded masses capable of carrying ‘5000 songs in your hand.'”

Leonard Neufeldt in Rhubarb magazine, Winter 2008:
“a very important book of poems…. This is parody as hard-boiled deconstruction on behalf of integrity. The poems survey once assuring and still haunting but worn-out conventions as well as inanities and profanities of contemporary pop culture….”

John Cunningham in Prairie Fire, January 2009:
“What the reader needs advice on is what to do with a split side…. This is a wonderfully humorous collection.”