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01 Dec, 2010

Mierau ready to endorse FlipSides and Nutter Butter

One of the frustrating things about being Canadian is that we do not have the same level of choice as the American consumer, particularly in the realm of snack foods. I was delighted this summer to discover FlipSides, a Keebler cracker that tastes like a pretzel on one side and a cracker on the other.

Sadly this product is not available in Canada! If Keebler makes FlipSides available in the frozen north, this poet is willing to endorse the product in exchange for a free supply and perhaps some T-shirts.

Below is a photo of the FlipSides box so Canadians can easily identify it on cross-border shopping trips.

flipsidesThe packaging shows the two sides of this fine product. And make no mistake, ORIGINAL is what you want. There is such a thing as too many chemicals, as the Garlic Herb and Cheddar varieties of this product demonstrate. Please don’t bring these to Canada! I won’t endorse them….

Then there is the case of the classic dessert, the Nutter Butter cookie. Again, for the convenience of the Canadian consumer, I’ve included a picture of the box below. These exquisite cookies melt in the mouth, overwhelming you with highly processed PB flavour. Why does free trade not work better? Please get to work on this Mr. Harper….